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Beginning in 1956, the Congress published the eight volume Leksikon fun der nayer Yidisher literatur, the most comprehensive biographical dictionary of Yiddish writers ever. The information blackout caused by the Iron Curtain, however, prevented acquiring up to date histories of Yiddish authors in the Soviet Union. Those lacunae have now been corrected through our most recent publication, the late Chaim Beider’s Biographical Dictionary of Yiddish Writers in the Soviet Union. When Beider passed away in 2003, our journal editors Boris Sandler and Gennady Estraikh put Beider’s work into shape for publication. The volume is 464 pages, containing entries on 487 Soviet Yiddish writers, some of whom have never been mentioned in any lexicon. The book also includes a trilingual (Yiddish-English-Russian) glossary of Soviet Yiddish terms compiled by Estraikh.

Here you may read selected entries from Beider’s Lexicon, as well as occasional entries from the general eight volume work.

Moishe Teyf (1904-1966)

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Teyf, Moishe (1904-1966)   Poet.  Born in Minsk.  He worked in a wallpaper factory and studied in an evening school for working youth, later completing studies in the Yiddish division of the literary faculty of the Moscow State Pedagogic Institute.  He was one of the founders of the young writers group at the Minsk newspaper  Continue Reading »